Attorney Thomas FX Dunn shows how to treat a client you do not like - Dirty Politics and Dirty Trials - Miscarriage of Justice

  Largest executive membership in history crushed by corruption
50,000 Chairman of the Boards, CEOs, COOs, Presidents, VPs of the Fortune3000

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It's challenging to conceive of a lawyer submitting an appeal without allowing the client to see it.         Three years of promises and assurances since jury verdict.

How many times did you say, "Next week!  Next week! I'm just about done."       Just as AmEx did with Mr. Safra,  Reed Elsevier has invested enormous resources by any means fair or foul to create this miscarriage of justice. You're the legal beagle, so it's on your watch that the enclosed points need to be brought to the attention of the federal appeals court.    



Is Thomas FX Dunn The Worst Lawyer In New York?

To have gone so long and done so little surely merits Thomas FX Dunn the dubious award of "Worst Lawyer In New York"
While granting there are those who might assert or asseverate that identifying someone as the worst lawyer in New York is, at best, an opinion,
while at worst constituting perhaps an egregious assault on a man's reputation. Let us briefly address that possibility.

Actions are louder than words. Thomas Dunn took so few steps, went to SO MANY NY Yankees baseball games at Yankee Stadium,
while purportedly working on the Who's Who Worldwide Registry case!

Is The Worst Lawyer In New York History Also The Worst Lawyer Of All Time?

NOTE: Yes, "Worst Lawyer In New York History" is bad enough. Can Thomas FX Dunn ALSO be the worst lawyer of all time in the USA?
Let's determine if it's fluff, inventive fantasy, or legitimate examination. This case has SO MANY anomalies one must wonder!

Again and yet again throughout this long and tortured process, we see Thomas Dunn definitively NOT working on behalf of his client.

Cogitating upon and flexibly considering the various outcomes, it does seem reasonable to opine & aver, w/ indisputably bone-deep examination-in-sincerity,
that Thomas FX Dunn is DEFINITELY among the worst lawyers in the history of New York, perhaps, indeed, among the worst lawyers of all time in the USA

Not much of a friend or confidante, either.

For those who know the sting of such comprehensive disappointment, if not rising to a legally actionable level of betrayal,
nothing speaks as loudly as the prima facie truths we face. Perhaps Thomas FX Dunn is indeed the single worst lawyer in New York history.